Now accepting applications for the 2022 cohort.

The Integrative Nutrition Internship is a supervised nutrition program designed for emerging nutrition professionals enrolled in an accredited Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) or a dietetic internship (DI). This immersive experience is an opportunity to learn, explore and grow in a safe and supportive environment guided by experts in the field of nutrition and medicine.
Experience a patient-centered approach delivered by a Registered Dietitian. We place emphasis on giving you the necessary tools to cultivate a confident teaching voice and nurture your own clinical knowledge in nutrition. Our mission is to inspire you to BE the best version of YOU as an emerging nutrition professional – on and off the counseling room.


  • Work with an interdisciplinary team that includes a registered dietitians, a gastroenterologist and nurse practitioner.
  • Learn treatment modalities for various gastrointestinal conditions.
  • Attend case studies presentations with experts in the field.
  • Learn about medical nutrition therapy, integrative nutrition, and medication management for diabetes.
  • Observe a live endoscopy and colonoscopy performed by the gastroenterologist.
  • Experience the backend of owning a nutrition private practice.
  • Write monthly blog post for


  • Have an interest in integrative nutrition and herbal medicine.
  • Want to expand your knowledge about supplements and food as medicine.
  • Are comfortable working with an interdisciplinary healthcare team.
  • Enjoy working with the hard-working immigrant community of Queens, NY.
  • Want to learn about gastrointestinal nutrition and metabolic diseases.
  • Are comfortable seen a live procedure, such as EGD and colonoscopy (after COVID-19).
  • Want to understand what it takes to own and grow a nutrition practice.
  • Interest in science writing for the lay audience.

Meet your preceptor​

Naz is a bilingual expert in the field of integrative nutrition, gut health and diabetes. Her exploration of integrative nutrition began more than five years ago as she studied dietetics and herbal medicine before completing her fellowship in integrative medicine through Mt. Sinai Department of Family Medicine. Naz has duel licenses as registered dietitian and certified diabetes education specialist. She uses food and lifestyle medicine to help people with their never-ending digestive issues and uncontrolled diabetes get their health back under control.


Students enrolled in a DPD program

  • Complete at least 8 hours a week, at our office in Elmhurst, Queens during our office hours
  • Be enrolled in a DPD program
  • Interest in integrative nutrition
  • Must commit to at least 3 months or 1 semester

Students enrolled in a Dietetic Internship

  • Must be enrolled in a dietetic internship program
  • Interest in integrative nutrition
  • Complete at least 8 hours a week at our office in Elmhurst, Queens during our office hours
  • Confirm schedule two weeks prior to start of the rotations
  • Must have liability insurance

We highly prefer bilingual interns as most of the population we serve is Spanish speaking.

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