How to Created Balanced Meals

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Have you ever wonder where to start your journey to reach your health goals? I got you cover here as I explain the healthy plate method as your first step.

Before we begin to talk about the plate method, you must define what healthy means to you. For most people, healthy means losing weight, having regular bowel movements, exercising often, or simply, getting on a better state of mind.

The truth is that thinking that “I fill fit and healthy” is not enough because “healthy” is not defined by a single number. For me, a healthy person is one that follows their bliss and eats more whole foods and fewer process foods that benefit their health, mind, and body.

The healthy plate method is just one side of the “healthy” equation.

It reminds us that whole foods should always go on our plate daily and that eating more foods that come from the earth, such as fruits and vegetables, should be the focus of our daily eating practice.

Your plate should be divided into three food groups: protein, vegetables, and starch using adequate proportions of each (see picture above).

Our philosophy at MyFitBytes® is that everyone can live a life in balance with what is available in their environment. We welcome you to join our newsletter and follow us on Instagram for more ideas that will help you go farther in your health journey.

Nazirber Maduro is a bilingual registered dietitian and nutritionist who believes that healthy and delicious food should be enjoyed at any stage in life. She helps people transform the way they eat and find joy in food through the practice of food and lifestyle medicine.

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