Almost every adult enjoys a good cup of coffee every morning before starting their day. Whether it be before heading to work or school it has become habitual. It is something you look forward to; an energy and mood boost when you need it the most. Sometimes you wonder though, is your daily habit doing more harm than good?

Why Coffee Has a Bad Reputation?

In the past this popular drink was very controversial. Many health professionals and even organizations like the WHO (World Health Organization) believed coffee should be considered a cancer-causing agent. It was also believed to cause things like high blood pressure and lead to other health complications. You should be relieved to know that current studies and research have debunked these ideas. So, is coffee good or bad? No. But like anything else in life, it should be enjoyed in moderation.


Enjoy Coffee in Moderation  

The chemical that gives coffee that kick is called “caffeine” and is considered a stimulant to humans. At its best, it works as a mood and energy booster, help people stay focus. Some studies have even pointed out that is may reduce risks for heart disease type 2 diabetes. It is even believed to boost metabolism.


Having Too Much Coffee Is No Bueno!

Health professionals deem the recommended amount of coffee consumption to be at around 400 milligrams or three or less cups daily. Once an individual begins to increase their consumption to four or more cups a day, they can experience things like, increase heart rate, migraines, difficulty sleeping, jitteriness, increased blood pressure and cause frequent urination.


The Bottom Line

Coffee in moderation and in the absence or low amounts of sweeteners and sugars can be healthy and beneficial to you. You can receive your morning energy and mood boost while receiving the benefits of antioxidants and an increased metabolism but only if consumed in moderation.




Written by: Hillaris Pozo, Dietetic Intern, Lehman College

Reviewed by: Nazirber Maduro, RDN, CDN, CDCES

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