• Food as Medicine

    Jengibre: la ciencia detrás de las propiedades terapéuticas

    ¿Alguna vez ha escuchado que el jengibre puede ayudarle con la indigestión? El jengibre o Zingiber officinale, ha sido usado en la cocina tradicional, en la medicina alternativa y por muchas otras tradiciones desde hace más de mil años. El rizoma (o el tallo que se encuentra bajo tierra) es la parte que se usa para el consumo.   Las tradiciones nativas como la ayurveda y la medicina tradicional China usan el jengibre para una amplia gama de síntomas del sistema digestivo. En China, el jengibre es considerado ser una hierba “caliente” y se ha utilizado por lo menos durante 4,000 años para el tratamiento de la náusea, la gripe,…

  • Food as Medicine

    Bitters: 7 Plants That Are Good for Digestion

    What are Bitters? The first place you may have heard of bitters is in a bar. If you’re a bartender or you love to enjoy a classic cocktails you may know a splash of orange bitters always compliments a dry martini. Bitters may not be common in the standard American diet, but has been used for a long time in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda to stimulate the digestive system. This powerful medicine that can be use everyday for a variety of digestive problems, such as gas and bloating after a meal or indigestion. While maintaining a healthy diet is important, over time digestive juices tend to decrease as we…

  • Food as Medicine

    Hibiscus Flower: A Potent Medicine and Delicious Sugar Free Drink for Summer

    Hibiscus or Hibiscus sabdariffa has been used all over the world to treat a wide variety of illnesses and conditions with strong held beliefs in its power by many cultures. You’ve probably spotted the tropical hibiscus flower as its iconic to every tourist who goes on a Hawaiian vacation.  In traditional Hawaiian traditions it symbolizes relationship status if worn behind the left ear- basically the modern day equivalent of “facebook official”. It is also used by various cultures around the world as both a delicious drink and a potent medicine. The medicinal and recreational uses of the Hibiscus plant varies depending on what part of the world is being consumed.…

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