• Diabetes

    The Discovery of Insulin

    It all started with a dog’s pancreas. In 1889, Oskar Minkowski and Joseph von Mering, two German researchers, found that removing the pancreas gland from dogs resulted in symptoms associated with diabetes. In 1910, Sir Edward Albert Sharpey-Shafer suggested that a chemical was missing from the pancreas in people with diabetes. This chemical was called insulin.

  • Diabetes

    Tengo intolerancia a la lactosa: ¿Qué puedo comer?

    La intolerancia a la lactosa puede afectar la salud si impide que una persona obtenga suficientes nutrientes, como calcio y vitamina D, que están presentes en abundancia en productos lácteos. Si una persona presenta síntomas digestivos como hinchazón o distensión abdominal, diarrea y gases después de consumir alimentos o bebidas que contienen lactosa, puede que tenga intolerancia a la lactosa.

  • Diabetes

    Integrative Approaches for Diabetes Education

    1. Food is the best medicine for diabetes. Almost everyone is aware that food has a big impact on our health, particularly a person with diabetes. Food is so impactful in this chronic condition that it can even help delay the progression of diabetes. Diabetes and nutrition goes beyond eating too much carbs and sugar. It’s also about digestion and absorption of food, feelings and thoughts about your meals, having complete meals, and many other metabolic conundrums. People with diabetes benefits the most from seen a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist when both the practitioner and the person create an individualized plan, because nutrition is not a one size fits all. A…

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